Sunday, 9 November 2014

Feeling better already

So it has now been just over three weeks and I love Herbalife!

No more "Yo Yo eating".  I have lost an illegal amount of weight, feel amazing with SO much energy and my confidence is soaring (not that it needed to).  Without trying my metabolism has rocketed and my Fitbit easily hits 15,000 steps a day without trying.   I now want to tell the world about HERBALIFE!!!

I am off my cocktail of tablets and am in no pain, indigestion?  What indigestion?

I have signed up as a distributor and am recommending it to as many people as I can.  Today I am at Twiggys in Thirsk for my first real Herbalife selling day…….

I have ripped open all of the bags of clothes that didn't fit and am starting to get back into them all!  Suddenly I have a choice of outfits in the morning and can choose what to wear not have it decided for me on what fits!

I feel like a power house, my energy levels are soaring and I am free of the heavy burden of food!  I will now be at Twiggys Play in Thirsk every Sunday so come along for a chat.

If you would like further information my email is:

Telephone: 07815791395


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