Thursday, 25 September 2014

Why I needed Herbalife!

Since starting and telling everyone about Herbalife I have realised many people considered me as slim, lucky, fit and healthy but the truth was I had been in a constant battle with myself over food!

I would be either starving hungry on the "new diet" or stuffing my face constantly to fill back up again. All in all just not a happy bunny!  In fact I could tell you if I was on a diet or not completely from the date and time of year……

September would hit and I would think - "Oh no we are going on holiday in February and I need to lose at least 2 stone"  So the diet would begin…  Which one this year?

December - The diet is going well, I am nearly to my eight and a half stone goal before Christmas.

New Year - Back up to nine and a half stone after a two week Christmas/New Year binge.

February - I did it!! I hit my 8.7 stone goal ready for our annual family holiday and my holiday clothes will fit (for the first few days anyway)!

March - September - Ha ha diet - what diet?  Never again!!!  I am going to eat what I want, when I want for the rest of my life!!  I know how to enjoy the summer holidays with our children and god do I know how to eat!

September - None of my clothes fit, I am up to my 11 -11.7 stone heaviest "my god what have I done" weight and ready to find the next best diet!

I have been on every diet you can think of!  The best to date was the Clean and Lean with no sugar diet but you try staying on that one after a few drinks and forgetting to prepare with a clever supermarket fresh vegetable shop (which is so so expensive too)!

On top of the above I was having terrible indigestion and couldn't even eat after 2pm due to the pain.  The doctors had prescribed pills and after a cocktail of about 6 pills, three times a day I wasn't in pain but I was feeling terrible!

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