Monday, 9 February 2015

Our annual family holiday.

So if you had read my very first post you will know that I would usually lose a vast amount of weight before our annual getaway. Getting to about 8.4 stone and actually starving myself for the whole month prior to reach that all important goal. I have a suitcase of "holiday clothes" which only fit when I'm under 8.7 stone so it's essential I reach this goal weight.

Now I'm on Herbalife I don't need to starve myself. I reached 9.1 before we left and all my clothes fit! Why? Because my muscles have been fed property and fat turned to muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so I have shrunk and yet still weigh more. 

I understand much more now which helps with how I feed my body. 

This picture really explains why my holiday clothes still fit even though I'm a stone heavier. 

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