Saturday, 14 February 2015

Our wonderful holiday

So here we are on holiday. I'm sat by the pool watching the kids play while I write this blog on my phone.

Usually I'd be eating everything in front of me by now. We love an all-inclusive holiday but with that comes a lot of food and alcohol.  After starving myself the food here is usually a welcome sight and I was worried I'd do the same this year as once those cravings take over there is no stopping me. 

Well this year has been completely different! I've brought my favourite cappacino shake, pills and tea and am happily continuing to enjoy our holiday without cravings or feeling bloated. I'm not worrying which dresses to where first as I know they will all fit all week. I'm joining the workout classes and going for the odd jog as I seem to be addicted to exercise. 

I have been looking for a good opportunity to take an after picture so here it is. I'm not just posing just needed a good after Herbalife picture. Here it is x

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