Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A little bit about me and my journey......

My father is from America and I was brought up with McDonalds as our favourite meal. We would have McD's at least twice a week, and I even had two of my birthday parties in a McD. I used to be extremely active and ride horses which turned into my career. 

Until the age of 30 I show-jumped horses professionally as a living which kept me active through my job (not active by choice). I didn't have to "work out" as I was riding about 8-15 horses a day. My diet was still shocking, McD's weekly, take-aways most nights or at the horse shows. 

I stopped riding for my children and holiday cottage business and piled on the weight....I have been on nearly every "fad diet" you can think of and was continually yo yoing to the extreme. I was miserable and out of control. 

When I went to weight watchers/Slimming World/lighter life or similar I would either make sure I was drunk the night before so I was dehydrated and weighed less or I'd starve myself 2 days before which also worked a treat. How is this healthy and sustainable? 

Anyway never again! The yo yo has gone, I've learned to stay off sugar which turns to fat and I stay on top of myself. The wellness evaluations are key and help us all to understand our bodies and how they work.

I had never worked out and now LOVE it. I love helping others as I know the struggles. It takes a while to click and become second nature, it is hard to set yourself free from the "normal bathroom scales" but keep at it and you will not only see results but be a completely different person!

My parents are also now gaining amazing results from Herbalife and living a healthy lifestyle.

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