Sunday, 3 May 2015

Lightbulb moment

Wow!  If you have read the blog from the beginning you will know that by now I would be on a full on eating fest, bloated and completely out of control.

Well today I went to a Christening and was asked to be Godmother!  (Proud moment).

But the point is normally a few weeks ago I would have been panicking - "What shall I wear to the Christening"?  "Nothing fits"!  "I look pregnant in all of my clothes"!!!   "Help what should I do"??

This time was different!!  It did not happen that way and it is the very first time since I can remember!!  REAL LIGHTBULB MOMENT!!  I am not yo-yoing anymore!!

This time I just opened my wardrobe 30 minuets before we left and everything fit and looked good.  I didn't feel bloated or look pregnant and I wore a dress without worrying about my tummy!  This is Huge for me!!

Can you believe I didn't take a selfie??  Wish I had!!!  Anyway if a picture comes up I will post it - Felt great today though with lots of compliments!!!

Here is the lovely couple Victoria and Paul with little Ellie-Jane and their amazing cake below....

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