Monday, 29 June 2015

Active World Team!

10 months ago I needed something! Anything! I was desperate, had hit the worst brick wall of Yo Yo dieting EVER and didn't know which way to turn! I was tired, bloated and STUCK!!!  
I met Kerri-Ann Hudson at the school gates and have NEVER looked back! I cannot thank Kerri-Ann enough for introducing me to HerbaLIFE followed by the amazing support.

I joined the business very quickly after feeling wonderful and recommending these outstanding products to a few friends & what has followed since is truly mind-blowing!

I saw Herbalife as a way to help a few people, not only physically but also by teaching others to dream again - By helping people I have learn't so so much and completely changed myself!! Yes we are working HARDER than ever but it couldn't be more worth it and I continue to learn daily!

Life is faster, with less sleep than I thought possible but now I have a reason to get up early - I know where I am headed!!! 

This is so powerful and I feel totally blown away and incredibly grateful - the products have 100% changed my life - I helped a few friends who helped a few friends who are now ALL the best friends anyone could wish for!!! I have Never felt more determined to set people free of normal life.. share this amazing opportunity and set EVERYONES dreams a light!!! So proud to be part of this fantastic family!!!! 
If you haven't got a list of Goals written down then what are you waiting for xx

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