Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Love exercise!

When I began Herbalife in September my mind set was - "I don't have a spare minute as it is so please don't expect me to exercise!"

I did not and would not exercise for anyone!  I had never been to an exercise class and I classed a run as chasing the little ones and playing in the garden with them......

I managed to reach my personal goals this way with the 80% nutrition but as I started to feel more energetic with more energy I began to feel like working out, I was also recommending Herbalife to friends who kept pushing me to go to fitness classes with them.  

In the end I gave in and WOW!!!  What had I been missing???  You cannot beat the feeling of exercise with friends!

We have now built up our running clubs, dance classes and join the team at the Forum every Wednesday for the Free Insanity Classes!

To begin with I could not run 5K without stopping at least 8-10 times, now I am smashing goals and time weekly!  It is just practice and keep it fun!!!!

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