Thursday, 30 April 2015

Fantastic Day

Wow wow wow what an amazing day!! 

Started with a business meeting walk around a field with Sarah Lill, fresh air, exercise and brainstorming.

Excellent results by EVERY customer all day!  It is what we do this for!! 

Popping in at the cottages to find the team completely on top of the job!  

A Fantastic team run at 6.15 which is every Thursday! #projectus continues and we now have 25 joined into the 90 day challenge!!

New business members joining the opportunity - Helen Hodgson and Sharon Pountley you will be ace!  Adam Harper - Complete legend!!!  Results are outstanding and now recommending your new lifestyle to others!

The team helping to bring a healthy active lifestyle and are really spreading the Herby love, Sophie Garner and Kirsty Smith - A complete dream team!!

To top it all off Aimee Park has a 3 day trial OMG!! Your Wife Victoria Pollitt will be so relieved lol xx

Finally enjoying a romantic stew and sweet potato with Phill after kissing the little ones good night.

The zest continues and I cannot love life anymore right now!!!

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