Thursday, 16 April 2015


So Easter has come and gone and I didn't eat all of the chocolate eggs!  Whoop!!

The team have all been extremely good too and everyone is still on track ready to bounce about in shorts this summer!

Usually by now (take a look at my very first post) I would have been eating my way back up to 10.5-11 stone with terribly unhealthy foods and absolutely no exercise.

It was my way of throwing my harsh "holiday diet" out of the window and enjoying food again or so I thought!  I would then feel bloated, miserable and have no energy.

Now all cravings have disappeared and I feel fantastic!  I don't fight with myself over my diet as I am now living a healthy active lifestyle and make the right choices without having to think about it!

I still enjoy the odd night out, glass of wine/fiz or two and don't worry as my metabolism is booming and can cope with the odd rough night.  Mornings are much easier and I have so much energy for life right now!!

Thank you to Herbalife!!!

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