Monday, 20 April 2015

Level 10

What is Level 10?

Herbalife know that if we can stick to something for 90 days it will become ingrained in us and almost like a habit be more of a way of life.  They have designed the Level 10 Challenge to spur us all on to challenge ourselves for 90 days to become the VERY BEST "US"!

The VERY BEST we can be!

What can we achieve if we really put our minds to it?

The team are signing up and so am I!.......

All you need is a picture of yourself with todays paper (as date evidence) and your statistics as below.....

Once these are logged in through your coach they will be tracked weekly for 90 days!  Then along with your story, your results will be judged by a Herbalife panel and the winner will be announced at your local meeting.  

The prizes are amazing from large cash amounts to holidays!

You don't even have to be living a Herbalife to enter!!

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