Sunday, 26 April 2015

Happy Birthday me....

So I have been with Herbalife since September last year - nearly 7 months and my life is completely different!  I have really found myself and feel I was meant to be doing this!

I am helping over 60 people feel better about themselves and by teaching I am learning everyday!

35 today and happier with more zest for life than EVER! 

I have been totally spoilt by my friends, family and husband and am surrounded by positive & inspirational people. Thank you so much everyone -  Completely humbled!!!

So what is next?  I am having a bit of a wild weekend before hitting my 90 day challenge tomorrow!

So my Level 10 begins tomorrow and I am announcing (oh no it is public) that I will not touch alcohol, junk food or anything unhealthy for 90 days.  I will also do my best to fit exercise in EVERY DAY!  My step goal is 15,000 and I intend to smash it daily for 90 days!  I am testing myself completely!

I have been living an active healthy lifestyle for 7 months but also enjoying the odd night out, drinks with friends and living which of course you should do from time to time as life is about LIVING!  

But these next 90 days is and will be a challenge of my will-power!  

Remember it isn't will power it is why power!  Find your "Why" and your "Will" will follow! 

My Why is my many customers, team members and friends!  If I can be an inspiration to others and help them find their why then that will spur me on and make my dreams come true!!!

It is all about changing lives for the better!

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